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Other businesses

We are engaged in insurance agency business delivering security and in the operation of cemeteries equipped with a full assortment of facilities and services.

Insurance agency business delivering security

Functioning as the insurance agency of the Seibu Group, we handle automobile, fire, travel, and other types of non-life insurance as well as cancer insurance and medical insurance.
We provide all sorts of insurance policies that provide security and peace of mind to individual and corporate clients.

Cemetery operation providing a full assortment of facilities and services

Located in the ancient capital of Kamakura, which is steeped in an atmosphere of history and culture, Kamakura Reien is known as one of the best park cemeteries in Japan. Tokorozawa Seichi Reien is another park cemetery in a beautiful natural setting in Tokyo's Musashino district. We run them in a manner to safeguard peaceful repose long into the future.

Kamakura Reien

Tokorozawa Seichi Reien