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Proposing ever-new resort life

As a pioneer in the field of resort development, we began to build Karuizawa Sengataki Resort in 1918. Karuizawa Sengataki is one of Japan's foremost resorts with a total of 5,200 lots .
Minami Bouso Onjuku Seibu Green Town is an upland resort overlooking the Pacific. With its mild climate, it is suited for use not only for summering but also for year-round residence.
We are also developing resort condominiums in Naeba.


Karuizawa Sengataki Resort "Asama Terrace"

Minami Bouso Onjuku

Minami Bouso Onjuku Seibu Green Town


View of Naeba Prince Hotel and Seibu Villa Naeba from the Naeba Ski Area